All Episodes Available. In a more intense Season 2 of THE BOYS, Butcher, Hughie and the team reel from their losses in Season 1. On the run from the law, they struggle to fight back against the Superheroes. Meanwhile Vought, the hero management company, cashes in on the panic over Supervillains, and a new hero, Stormfront, shakes up the company and challenges an already unstable Homelander.
Starring Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr
Genres Action
English (UK) [CC]

At the start of season 2, The Deep has been kicked out of The Seven and is left on his own, until Eagle the Archer finds and saves him by recruiting him to The Church of the Collective. This video will take a dive into the way The Deep is manipulated by the Church, and how others, like A-Train, are also pulled into the cult-like organisation.